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Product Details: Condition Used Form Powder Grade Standard Reagent Grade Physical State Powder, Crystals Release Type Quick Monopotassium Phosphate Contains 52% P2O5 and 34% K2O. Most useful Fertilizer for Fruit corps and Flowers. In-organic Salt. Element Name Standard Report P2O5 52% K2O 34% Ph 4-6 Insoluble Matter 0.1% MAX Packing : 25 Kg PP Or HDPE Bag with Liner 100% Fully WaterSoluble Rich of Phosphorus and Potassium Content Containing in MKP (00-52-34) Fertilizer. Most Common use of MonoPotassium Phosphate is to increse productivity of Fruit and Suger Content. Application can be in Drip Irrigation as well as Direct soli use.

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