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Kharthong Farmers Producer Company (KOFPO). KOFPO is a registered entity with a long term vision of organizing farmers, providing channels for training, information and a platform where they can claim the right price for their produce without reducing the quality of the produce during the process.


The support is being provided to them by our organization – Rest Of My Family. ROMF is a story driven social-work-through-art project. We travel through neglected rural and tribal areas and document the social scenarios, challenges and general life of individuals and communities and publish these stories and documentary films in order to raise awareness and to start a dialogue in public space. This is a part of our awareness efforts.

Apart from documentation we also identify ways in which their lives can be improved and empowered on various fronts through various projects and initiatives
You can refer further information about us here.


The farmers we are working with are currently being offered very low prices by the middlemen which is draining them of their savings and is preventing them from affording basic necessities. The farmers practice Jhum cultivation which has been their traditional practice from the past 50 years. This practice doesn’t involve any investment in fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals and is very close to Zero Budget Natural Farming.


The price is inclusive of all taxes and transport till your doorstep.


The current products being offered are:

Natural fresh ginger

Natural dried ginger

Natural dried ginger slices

Natural Dried ginger powder


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Ravi Kiran
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