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JAL NIDHI Pusa Hydrogel is a Super Absorbent used to absorb water and release to the plant when required. JAL NIDHI is developed and patented by IARI – PUSA– an autonomous body under government of India, New Delhi and is being manufactured by KCH India pvt ltd. Promoted by ICAR as well as Ministry of Agriculture & Science & Technolgy, Govt of India. 

 Jal Nidhi works like a sponge which swells and retains water up to approximately 350 times its Dry weight within its networked structure and releases water slowly to the plant / crops. It requires only 1.5 kg per acre of land and abosrbs water 350 times of its dry weight and stable up to 50 Deg C in the soil.

Salient technical features of JAL NIDHI Pusa Hydrogel.

Ø  Employs cellulosic (a natural polymer) backbone

Ø  Absorbs water upto 350 times of its dry weight

Ø  Low rate of application (1-1.5 kg / acre)

Ø  Stable upto 50 Deg C in the soil, suitable for semi-arid and arid regions

Ø  30% to 60% reduction in irrigation

Ø  20% to 30% reduction in fertilizers

Ø  Improves physical properties of soils 

Ø  Improves seed germination and the rate of seedling emergence.

Further, it increases the oxygen/air availability in the root zone and doesn’t have any effect on soil pH and most importantly reduces water and fertilizer consumption and boosts yield.

Since all plants require water, Pusa Jal Nidhi hydrogel can be used for all plants & crops, from large farms to local gardens. Its benefits can be clearly seen in all forms of cultivation.

Some Examples include:

Ø  Roof top & personal gardens

Ø  All crops viz., wheat, maize, etc...

Ø  Lawns and golf courses

Ø  All Plantations viz., tea and coffee

Ø  All trees and for reforestation purposes

Ø  Flower gardens

When to Apply?

Best results are noted when Jal Nidhi Pusa Hydrogel is applied during sowing time. It helps in better germination and root establishment.

Recommended Doses

General Recommendation: 1.5 kg per Acre

Special Recommendation: For sandy soil, use up to 2.5kg per acre. Apply the Pusa Hydrogel at a depth of 6 to 8 inches of soil. For clay soil, apply at a depth of 4 inches from the soil surface, preferably at the root zone.

Application Method:

For Field Crops:

Prepare the field for sowing.

Add 1.5 kg of the Hydrogel to 10kg of fine dry soil and mix properly.

The 11.5 kg mixture (Hydrogel +Soil) should be applied along with seeds /fertilizer.

For best results, the Pusa Hydrogel should be applied close to seeds.

In Nursery Bed for Transplants:

Apply 2 gm mix of Pusa Hydrogel in nursery bed uniformly for every sq. Meter. It should be placed at a depth of 2 inches of the nursery bed from the top.

While Transplanting:

Thoroughly mix 2 gms of Pusa Hydrogel in one litre of water to ensure a free flowing solution and allow it to settle for half an hour. Dip the roots of the transplanting plant in the solution and then transplant in the field.



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