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Agri Super Absorbent Polymer – “Eco Sarovar Hyrogel”

AS Innovations & Agro’s Eco-Sarovar Hydro Gel is a special polymer crystal material innovated with good water absorption and water holding capacity. It can absorb water up to several hundred times of its own weight and release water to plant when the soil is dry. Crystals with good water absorption and water holding capacity thus is popularly called as Super Absorbent Polymer or SAP,. AS Innovations & Agro is among the leading manufacturers and supplier on Super absorbent polymer (Hydrogel) in India located at Nashik Maharashtra.We supply / sell to various states in India through our deals and distributors network to cover the every expanding agri-hydrogel market in India. The market for potassium based SAP in increasing considering is use and application possibilities for a variety of crops and plant that are grown in India, also the no of people how want to buy super absorbent polymer or similar innovative has gone up during past few year.

Advantages of Eco Sarovar Hydrogel (Agri-SAP) :

  • Improve seed germination and emergence to give plants an early, health start.
  • Save the irrigation, increase crops and fruit yield.
  • Release the fertilizer efficiency slowly.
  • It contains Potassium and Phosphorus Nitrogen.

HOW TO USE (super absorbent polymer/ hydrogel and its application in agriculture) :
Eco Sarovar Hydrogel (Agri-SAP) –

Common plant and crop:
3 to 7 kg per acre dosage, along with seeds hole application or ditch application to the soil around the seed, The seed germination rate can effectively improve and promote seedling growth.

  • Gardening, Horticulture and Landscape:
    Its is ideal for mixing soil matrix, for indoor and outdoor pots, planters, window boxes, balconies, terraces, hanging, garden and city landscape. Planting shrubs, flower, grass, vegetables are available.
  • Pack Size: Eco Sarovar Hydrogel (Agri-SAP) is available in 1 Kg, 5 Kgs 20  Kg (#can be customized)
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