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Posted by Mr. Arif Budi on 23-04-2019 in Wood & Timber never


PT. Anindya Inti Perkasa is a wood processing company that was established on October 7, 2015 in the city of Makassar
As for the focus of this company is to become an integrated wood processing company
big and strong vision and mission in becoming one of the best wood processing companies in Indonesia.

Wood species: Albasia (Sengon), Acacia, Albasia, Johar, Jati Putih (Gamalina), Jati Merah, Eucaliptus.

Final Results of Celebes Wood Company Products:

Bare Core
Punching Bore
Dacking Flooring
Wood Pellets


or you can visit us at www.celebeswood.com


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Arif Budi


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